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Founded in 2019, thefloodproject, LLC works with businesses to identify and create new revenue opportunities via one-of-a-kind events, 

corporate partnerships, smart community connections and engaging content.


Utilizing over two decades of marketing, sponsorship sales and advertising 

intelligence, we develop the blueprint for a business finding the right partners that will expand their bottom line. 

We believe in the development of long-term relationships that turn each partner’s message into a seamless, thought-provoking experience that inspires action.

We're here to connect your business to the RIGHT choices in and around your community. With an extensive network of all levels of companies, organizations, venues, special events and civic leaders, thefloodproject offers guidance and expertise to sponsorship and partnership success.


A seasoned and successful veteran of the marketing and sponsorship world, Scott spent the last 25 years at companies ranging from startups to multi-million-dollar brands, including Live Nation, Microsoft, Atlanta Silverbacks, and Andretti Karting.  During this time, he learned the value in creating unique marketing and sponsorship opportunities and honed this skill throughout his varying corporate experiences.  At the same time, he expanded valuable connections throughout Atlanta and the southeastern United States.  He has appeared on local television and radio as an expert in creative marketing and implementing revenue-generating sponsorship platforms and has received multiple sales awards in many positions over the years.


Scott holds a BA in communications and advertising from the

University of Tennessee-Chattanooga. When not working, Scott loves doing all things local, including visiting a great local brewery or distillery and cheering on Atlanta United. 


Time with his fiance & daughter is second to none and he loves the idea of learning to play the guitar one day.   Always a dreamer, he consistently comes up with new ideas.  If only there was time to implement them all!

Founder - Scott Flood


current projects.


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